WinDrawChem: Molecule structure drawing

Current version is 1.6.2 (Get binaries) (note: 3 MB ZIP file)
Last revised 20 December 2002

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WinDrawChem is a freeware two-dimensional molecule drawing program for Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP. It is similar in functionality to other molecule drawing programs such as ChemDraw (TM, CambridgeSoft). It can read and write MDL Molfiles to allow sharing between XDrawChem and other chemistry applications, as well as read ChemDraw binary and text files.

Features include:

  • 100% compatible UNIX/Linux/FreeBSD version
  • Fixed length, fixed angle drawing.
  • Automatic alignment of figures. Detects structures, text, and arrows and places them automatically.
  • Can read and write MDL Molfiles, and can export drawings as pictures.
  • Can automatically draw rings and other structures - has all standard amino acids and nucleic acids in built-in library.
  • Can draw symbols such as partial charge, radicals, etc.
  • Online help, including tool tips.
  • Support for CML (Chemical Markup Language) as defined in J. Chem. Inf. Comput. Sci.39(1999), 928-942
  • Support for reading ChemDraw (TM, CambridgeSoft) XML (text) and binary files.
  • Can export Encapsulated PostScript (EPS) files which can be imported into other applications.
  • 13C NMR prediction, based on Bremser W, Mag. Res. Chem.23(4):271-275
  • 1H NMR prediction, based on additive rules and functional group lookup methods, described in Pretsch, Clerc, Seibl, Simon, "Tables of Spectral Data for Structure Determination of Organic Compounds", 2ed., 1989, Springer-Verlag
  • Simple IR prediction.
  • Reaction analysis: gas-phase enthalpy change estimate, 1H NMR and 13C NMR comparison.

    WinDrawChem is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License. In a nutshell, it's free but with no warranty. Read the LICENSE file for important conditions.

    Read the online documentation

    Get WinDrawChem

    Binary distribution v 1.6.2 ZIP file (note: 3.0 MB ZIP file)
    This is my very first Windows package! (Well, it's the fifth or sixth release. I have most of the bugs worked out by now :)

    Source distribution The source archive for the UNIX version now contains a Windows project file, etc. The same source now compiles on both Windows and UNIX.
    You will need Qt-2.3 to build this project. Get the non-commercial or evaulation version, depending on your status (see Qt license at web site)